The RoundUp: #ThrowbackThursday (Hayo Niel-If I fall and I Don Kpai – Adaeze)

Hi guys!


So its throwback Thursday


I thought of putting up old pictures of people here but decided against ti after being threatened with things worse than death. Seriously. You guys don’t take joke well do ya


So instead I will be dropping one video and one song. Both old but still so good. Both are by relatively unknown artists Hayo Niel and Adaeze. But you don’t have to know them to know that their music is gold.


so first up is Hayo Niel – If I fall


Lovely song.

Next up is a song that dropped in 2009 by Adaeze. Its called I Don Kpai. Talks about her dying if her lover leaves. Very beautiful song. Enjoy

Download it —> I Don Kpai


Finally, the vine of the day :’)


Hope you guys enjoy them! Peace and .306 boat-tail holes πŸ˜€


The RoundUp : Of Lunchboxes,Lil Dicky rapping and Workout Choices

Hi guys!

Yeah its another collage of randomness. Imma just jump right into it


So first off, i saw this video on 9gag. Basically about a guy rapping about begging for sex. Yeah. Pathetic .

But funny. And the song’s quite nice. Watch below



So there’s a fitness craze sweeping the world. I personally think its good and I’m signing up for a 10 week shred in October. I hope I win πŸ˜€

Now with all things communal, there tends to be rivalry. Crossfit vs Weightlifting vs HIIT vs Yoga. Again IMO, all will help you in different ways to stay healthy and look good. That said, I’m a Weights and Yoga person. HIIT is Satan’s second bastard.

Here’s a link to a video about one guy trying out Crossfit and Yoga and having people from the two explain to him why their path is the best

Watch the video here Crossfit Vs Yoga;Which is BetterΒ 


Now some dude took a twist on an old social rite of passage and flipped it on its head. Ever imagined if girls had to ask for guys hands in marriage instead of the other way around?

Watch here


And finally, the vine of the day πŸ˜€

Enjoy the weekend! *raises henny&coke*

The RoundUp : Of Homeless Cassanovas and Porn search engines

Hi guys


So I usually see a shite load of content on the interwebs; from weird articles to funny videos and vines etc


So I decided I would curate all of them and share with you guys once in a while πŸ™‚

So for today, I have two things

First, here’s a video of a homeless man in New York. Here’s the catch, he manages to get somewhere to sleep like 3-4 times a week. How? HE GETS LAID.

Yes. That wasn’t a typo. He fucks women. Steadily. And he’s homeless.

Boss. god. Tuale worthy chairman.

Watch the video here


Also I came across this new website. Apparently it caters for porn related searches

Whoever did this?

Your country thanks you,your people thank you,I thank you

Your country thanks you,your people thank you,I thank you

Really. You rock.

Check it out here Boodigo


Well that’s all folks!

Oh wait wait…….I’m a Vine addict. Vine videos are life

So here’s something from one of my favourite viners, King Bach