30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1 – Omoza

Hi! So I joined this 30 Day blogging challenge where i and some friends will blog everyday for 30 days. I joined it hoping it would bring me out of the lazy writer phase i have been stuck in for a while now. I’ve had several plots of stories in my head but no passion to write them. This is one of such. Hope you enjoy it


He sat at the edge, wind blowing and rustling his clothing. He was tall, about 7 ft with black low cut hair and piercing eyes. He had this aura of…..POWER. It radiated off him like steam off a hot cup of coffee. He however looked no different from any human…well except for the massive translucent wings on his back and the fact that he was sitting at the top of the UBA Building in Marina at 11pm. There was a faint crackle a few feet to his side and a fgure popped into existence. It looked like an Eyo masquerade, complete with white shroud and a blue wide brimmed hat. The tassels on the hat tinkled with charms made of metal and in its right hand it held a tall staff covered in more glyphs. It studied the male for a minute then turned and looked out over the Marina harbour.

“Do you still seek, Alder One?” It said with a voice that was like the ocean lapping at the shore. “Why do you keep calling me that” replied the male

“I’ve told you a thousand times, the markings on your shoulder show that you are one of the originals. You fought aside Micheal during Lucifer’s ejection from Heaven and judging by the amount of clover leaves beneath it, you have had quite a life”

“But I remember nothing” the male replied. “Why do I remember NOTHING?!” The last word was followed by him smashing his fist into the rooftop, causing a dent. He sighed, passing his hand over it and repairing it. The figure looked on silently as he stood up.

“All I know is my name. Omoza. I know I can make myself visible at will to humans and spirits alike. I can create a light web that binds any foe within 10 feet and burn them to cinders. I can summon a barrage of blessed spears to pierce my foes. I somehow remember fighting the principality of Persia at Micheal’s side when Daniel prayed for 21 days. The scar on my side is my memento from that battle. But I cannot remember anything else”

He had such a look of despair on him that the Eyo spirit felt pity. Such a human emotion. He would have to think on that later.

“Anyways that is of no importance. Have you found out any other information?”

“No” the Eyo spirit replied. “I have reached out to some ancient spirits in forests in Okomu…that’s in Edo. That forest is the remenant of an old forest belt that stretched from the Niger to Dahomey. If anyone will know who you are, they will”

Ömoza breathed out. “Thank you my friend.  You have been of great help since you found me ashore 3 months ago”

The Eyo spirit shrugged. “I’m bored” it replied. “Finding out who you are and what you can do has been a break in my ennui. Immortality can be a drag sometimes. And, I get your help in my schemes”

Omoza shook his head and smiled. He had figured the Eyo spirit didn’t help him out of the goodness of its heart. If it had one that is.

“So” Omoza said, “why did you summon me?”

The Eyo spirit looked down at the roads of Marina “I’ve been around so long I cant remember how long. This patch of Lagos has always been my home. Ive watched it grow from a little spit of sand and fishing villages to what it is now.” It sighed “However some humans are trying to summon something. Its that tension you have been feeling in the air for some days. Their rituals have been going on for a while. At first I dismissed them because I didn’t think anyone had enough knowledge of old magic to pull it off. However they first summoned an old water sprite and forced it to reveal what they needed. Poor thing. They drained its life force to fuel their preparations. Tonight’s the final phase. They know the benevolent spirits will not stand for it so they summoned Legion”


“Yes. Demon that’s comprised of many lesser demons. Your Bible records Jesus casting it out of a man”

“Ah” Omoza replied. “So whats my role in this?”

“They seek to tear open a portal and summon something. In their foolishness, they expect it will give them power. Foolish mortals. They do not know what they tamper with. As all powerful summonings go, they will need blood. Innocent blood”

“So where will they get it from?” Omoza asked “There” the Eyo spirit replied, pointing. Omoza looked in the direction the spirit pointed and saw a girl walking on the street. She could not have been more than 13. She clutched a large bowl in her hand and was clearly frightened. Instinctively, he looked around and sure enough, about 20 feet behind her, stalked a group of men. They definitely looked up to no good. Suddenly one was covered in black smoke, and a hundred faces sprouted from the smoke. They swirled and spun around the man, snapping and snarling at each other. Omoza knew he was looking at Legion

He flexed his hand and a sphere of pure white light appeared in it and started spinning slowly

“That’s new” The Eyo spirit remarked. Omoza looked at his hand and smiled sheepishly. “I discovered it 2 weeks ago while fighting an esu demon at a crossroads in Ikeja. The thing just mugged me out of nowhere and this sphere appeared and blasted it to nothing”

“Ah” The Eyo spirit replied. “That my friend, is a weapon of the Dominions. A high ranking class of angels. It seems you are much more than I thought you were. This bears looking into” It stroked its chin and muttered to itself in Yoruba. “No matter, we will discuss later. Right now, we need to stop this summoning” Omoza nodded and flexed his right hand. A 6 foot Bini blade appeared in it. He fixed the sphere to its pommel and the glyphs in the blade blazed with light. The Eyo spirit watched this with an air of interest as he had never seen the angel summon a weapon before. He put all this information aside for pondering later.

“Ready?” it asked. Omoza flapped his wings once and made them disappear. “Better for manuvering during battle” He said to the Eyo spirit. The spirit rapped its staff on the rooftop sharply three times and muttered a spell. A circle with glyphs appeared on the floor, rose to the sky then expanded rapidly till it covered Marina. “Its an area effect spell” the spirit explained. “Things will go smoothly for me and my allies in it” “And your enemies?” Omoza asked. “Well let’s just say they will have some difficulties” it replied and Omoza could swear the spirit was chuckling. He smiled, shaking his head and dropped off the building, free falling towards the men and Legion with his sword held in front of him. He glanced to his side and the Eyo spirit was falling too but its shroud barely rustled in the wind. He could feel the Battle Thrill rising; his fighting side had taken over and he could clearly see other demons attached to the other men in the group. He whooped and set himself ablaze (another power he just discovered) shortly before smashing into the ritualists.

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