The Chronicles of Chill – Episode IV: (Me)Linda Gate(s)

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The Chronicles of Chill

After the seasons of the Throne of Ekitilopia and the Tword of Prophet TRappatoni, came a festival of peace in the land of Twilistia and Social Mediana. Brother cleaved unto brother, sister unto sister and many a-brother did verily entereth into the DMs and setteth P with the sisters.

In this time of peace, the Chief Priestess of Gossipotamia made it known unto all the men and women of Social Mediana, that once had her plea gone unto her father and twice he had heard her word and yea, had he now finally acquiesced to her desire to take for herself a new chariot. And her name was Melinda the Second. And her new chariot was a Roving Ranger of the finest Valyrian steel. And Melinda said she dipped into her vast coffers and gave Cosmas the Chariot Seller a mere 24 million shekels for the chariot. And it was…

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I’d say the ages 16 to 20 were my furnace. When I was 17, I was mentored by a female lecturer for about two years. Up until her, I had pretty much lived life on my own terms. I was very entitled at that age, spoiled even, so it was weird to have someone inspire fear in me. One phone call from her and I’d do a mental checklist of my day to be sure I hadn’t stepped out of line. She made me a better student and person. And the work I put into passing her course is the hardest I worked all through University. You see, she expected you to be better and was unwilling to accept anything less. She taught me discipline and focus. She taught me to be independent.

Think of how a sword is forged, fire and pressure, over and over again. And when it…

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