The RoundUp: #ThrowbackThursday (Hayo Niel-If I fall and I Don Kpai – Adaeze)

Hi guys!


So its throwback Thursday


I thought of putting up old pictures of people here but decided against ti after being threatened with things worse than death. Seriously. You guys don’t take joke well do ya


So instead I will be dropping one video and one song. Both old but still so good. Both are by relatively unknown artists Hayo Niel and Adaeze. But you don’t have to know them to know that their music is gold.


so first up is Hayo Niel – If I fall


Lovely song.

Next up is a song that dropped in 2009 by Adaeze. Its called I Don Kpai. Talks about her dying if her lover leaves. Very beautiful song. Enjoy

Download it —> I Don Kpai


Finally, the vine of the day :’)


Hope you guys enjoy them! Peace and .306 boat-tail holes 😀

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