Eleven Random Qs

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When I’m not thoroughly consumed by thoughts of what to eat and how soon I can eat it, I like to let my mind ruminate on things I’ve decided to call Pointless Questions. Now, let us not be constrained by the name. They’re not all necessarily pointless, or questions, for that matter. It just seems too much to call them Pointless Questions And/Or Questions That Have A Point Plus Casual Observations. Like I’m begging for it to get beaten up in the playground.
But I digress.
So, these things. They keep me occupied between meals, and now they can help you pass the time too. I’ve put down just twelve because I’m too lazy to write any more. It’s the most mixed of mixed bags, so if you can’t keep up, I understand. (No, I don’t. I think you’re incredibly slow and I judge you.)

1. What if time is actually…

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