Pain in my heart

So I found this in my Facebook notes; I had written this in 2009 and it still tugs my heart strings. Enjoy and please comment



The pain in my heart beats in tyme with my heart beat
My heart speaks in rhyme with the pain of my heart beat

You are out of my heart’s reach
but you are stil my heart’s beat

You r the centre of the flows
that my heart spills
like life giving blood pumping thru the veins of this page

Cold forged words
Tempered with the heat of love

Cold heat in my blood
confirms my love……
I love you.

4 responses to “Pain in my heart

  1. *sniff*

    I love you too. Let us go rent a room and make this “cold heat” you speak of.

    Strike that.

    I’m actually straight. I forget these things sometimes…

    Nice one, mahn…

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