3 Days 3 Posts : Day One (Just a little more)

Hi guys!

So in a bid to have more posts up regularly on this here thingamajig I decided to do a little series called 3 Days 3 Posts. So for the next three days i will have a post come up everyday. One from me and two from two mystery writers. 

Which brings me to the second way I have to put more posts.I am throwing my blog open to ghost writers. i’m starting a Ghost Writer category where I will post stories submitted to me. All you have to do is send in a story to kofobiz@gmail.com. You can have a writing name or chose to remain completely anonymous; it doesn’t matter as long as you write with proper English and grammar. 

First up we have a story from someone who I think writes bloody well. We’ll call her Ms O. Enjoy


He comes up behind me, puts his arms around my waist and pulls me close. I fight the urge to cringe. I feel his big hard erection on the crack of my butt. Oh no not again. The first time was torture enough. He lifts up my flimsy top and takes a hold of my nipples and starts to knead them. Sigh. This the part where I’m supposed to go weak at the knees and moan for good measure. But I just don’t have the stomach for it. He turns me around to face him and I quickly put on a fake smile. His pupils are dilated. Gosh, he’s actually enjoying this! Smh. He puts his lips on mine in what I suppose he thinks is a kiss. I can’t help thinking how much I hate the having his saliva on me. He bends down to kiss my neck and this time I don’t even resist the cringe. He must have thought he just sent sparks running through my body because he lifts up his head and smiles at me and says ‘ticklish’? The fake smile is back and I just murmur ‘mmhmm’.

He seems pleased with himself as his tongue moves to my nipple. Can’t wait for this to be over. His breath quickens after that and after a few seconds we’re both naked. He spreads my legs and touches my clitoris. He flicks it back and forth for a few minutes and I just lay there looking at the ceiling…bored out of my mind. When he sees that he’s not getting any moist out of me, he spits in his fingers and rubs it all over my vagina. I literally have to hold back vomit. I make a face like I just ate sour grapes but he doesn’t even notice. He’s trying to get his huge throbbing penis inside my vagina. I almost laugh at the expression of pure ecstasy on his face when he finally makes it in. How adorable. The only feeling I can muster is disgust. I console myself with the fact that it will be over in a few seconds. Just cum and go already! He starts moaning with his eyes closed and whispering sweet nothings in my ear. The feel of his sweaty hairy chest on mine annoys me to no end. I’ve always hated the feel of someone else’s sweat on my skin. He asks if I like it and I give a weak moan in return. It will be over soon. He says something about my pussy being fucking sweet. Unbelievable…I’m not even moving. But he doesn’t mind. I’m probably the prettiest and sexiest girl the disgusting troll has ever been with. He suddenly starts pounding hard. Ah finally…he collapses on the bed.

Thank God that’s over. At least I can rest for the night. I rush to the bathroom to throw up and scrub myself. When I’m done getting the physical filth off, I look at myself in the mirror and say softly with tears in my eyes; a hundred grand down..a hundred more to go…

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