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'D A N I A


What do I really know about love?

Not much, apparently.

OK maybe not apparently… Evidently.

OK, OK, maybe not evidently… Definitely.

Yeah. Definitely.

But I think I know one thing;

Falling in love is in many ways, similar to dying.

Most of the time, you don’t know when it will happen, it just does. In the time before you fall in love or start to die, you build up sturdy defences, you look out for yourself. You are careful about what goes into you, who has access to you. You set yourself up so that nothing can hurt you. But then one person, a human being born of woman and no different from any other human being who ever escaped the clutches of a womb, wanders into your life. Like a pathogen or a virus, they come to you seemingly inadvertently; carried on the wings of chance and the apparent chaos…

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Aisha’s song is out!!!


Aisha Pick Up SingleArt

Aisha moves from her smash hits ‘If I hear’ and ‘Make Luv’ to bring you this very soulful track titled ‘Pick Up’ – A soft ballad in which she makes it known to a estranged lover that she has moved on and she doesn’t need him and his cheating ways in her life.

Produced by the uber-talented Nightblaze for Nightblaze Entertainment, this song is sure to be a hit. As always Aisha delivers strong smooth vocals over great lyrics to make absolutely good music.

Personally, I love the song already. It may be just another song about a girl getting over her ex, but I’m a sucker for a catchy beat and mellow tunes. I especially love how i can hear Aisha’s strong vocals without feeling like my ears are being assaulted.

You can download Aisha’s ‘Pick Up’ from hulkshare or 4shared

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