The Vixenpixie

Hi, Apparently no MTN service over the weekends. but what for it’s worth, I have 2 extra days to make up for. Any ideas how??  Please enjoy the post below and Thank @immortal_teddy for making it happen! 




I want you……bad. Deep.

Like air. Like warmth on a cold day

Like life in a barren place……

You…. fill a void….void deep and dark and……..HUNGRY……

I want to brand you as mine…..

Tattoo my name in small bold letters on your clavicle so he KNOWS

Give you hickies every time we meet….

I want to drag you away in public and make slow steamy love to you….

Each time we meet in the throes of passion

Our bodies making sweet overtures

the symphony of flesh against flesh

harmonising with your increasingly loud moans and my grunts of appreciation

I want to lay with you and share a blunt

Pass the…

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