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A Bizarre One here…

In the thick darkness sliced by the gloomy crescent glow from behind the filmy clouds,were hard-barked trees and damp thorny shrubbery.
The air smelt of exotic fruit and something distinctly feral ;a hot mix befitting to the night
From underneath the whispering roots of grass,laden with dew and dust came a rustling from beneath the feet of the intertwined bodies that cast an invisible silhouette on the dark clearing. From betwixt these bodies,were bands of smoke that wove around their individual bodies and wafted up as they met in the middle.. White and glowing in the thick.
Chords spread out from what was to be the Him..silver and taut,from the face and hands tangling around each other afore piercing deep into the skin of her.
From her scalp,strands of red glowing bands twirled and danced to the music of the gentle breeze…blinking red and…

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