Work (Part 2)

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He walked towards me, his eyes hazy and almost glazed over with want……I knelt on the bed, wriggling my naked butt towards him……”So u picked ‘work’ abi? Naughty boy” His dick threatened to burst out of his boxers. Soon he was behind me…fingers going in and out…..Damn I’m so wet…..”Fucking take me” oh wow….did I just say that? I never swear….I blush deep as his fingers withdraw and he licks them…this man won’t kill m….wait. Wait is that a knock at the door? Shit why is he going to answer? I chuckle as he struggles to reposition his hard –on….wait is that his MD’s voice????


Shit. What the heck is the MD doing at my house??

Shit shit shit

He looks at me and winks. Says he decided to pick me up personally so that we could talk on the way to the pitch. Didn’t I get his pings this morning?


She hates this. I hate this. But there is naught to be done but finish dressing up and follow Oga na. I kiss her briefly and I could see a mixture of frustration and want in her eyes. “Tonight boo” I mouth silently to her before I turn and head for the door…..What is MD telling her though? Oh well…


As he sighs and moves out of earshot, his MD turns, sniffs the air and winks. “I promise to let him off early today ma’am” he says in his American accent. “Seems he needs to finish some work at home, yes?” with another wink and a salute he waltz out of the apartment.


I feel like throwing a vase at the now closed door. Sigh….. how can he leave me like this? I should not be upset but my hunger for him is overruling common sense

Then I spy his new HandyCam, and I smile my devil smile……


I step into the office, the awesomeness of my presentation still on my mind…..the people were so impressed we got the job on the spot! My MD is enthusiastically re living it for the rest of the office, adding special effects and ninja battles…I shake my head, The man is just a big child I swear. That’s why I love working for him…

Wait.. why did my sihaya send me an email? Sigh she must really be upset….I must remember to pick up that shrimp small chops she loves from that place in Phase 1…….


WOW…………dang I gats reduce this volume biko! Jesus this winch won’t kill me o


Oh wow. Did I just email him a video of me cumming? Lord on high…….

What if he doesn’t like it? Sigh oh well…nothing to do but get tipsy and wait for him to come back home na…..There is meat that needs cooking sef


“Mike? I promised your missus you would have the rest of the day off. Infact, since its Thursday, shove off for the rest of the week eh? Good job with the presentation once again boy. Mighty proud of u. See you on Monday morning”

Don’t have to tell me twice. Cheers to the motherfreaking early weekend!!!


He walks in, the scent of rosemary in the air. She must be cooking meat. He closes the door gently  and creeps to his room. Stripping to just boxers and socks he pads silently to the kitchen and stops at the door to watch her. Damn she is beautiful. Her long blonde hair hung from her head in a single braid; she called it a ‘Warrior’s braid’and punched him whenever he teased her about it. Her petitie breasts stood perky beneath an old tshirt of his that she had cut into a half-top….apart from fiery red boy shorts she had nothing else on. Her light skin glistened with sweat…God her ass was fantastic. She leaned forward and he stifled a groan which made her jump. “God Peter! You almost gave me a heart attack! Hian! Can you make noise like normal people?” He crossed the space between them in two strides, grabbed braid and yanked her towards him.

“Why the fuck did you send that video to my office email???”

11 responses to “Work (Part 2)

  1. She replied “I thought it was sexy, after all we didn’t finish what we started.” She pulls on his tie trying to draw him closer. He pushes back, willing himself not to strike her for her naiveness. She knew the email was shared by everyone or maybe she didn’t but he was sure he had told her before……………. ghen ghen.

  2. I like this but I’m confused, she’s white but has a naija expressions :s
    And maybe u shud let @yemi johnson write a chapter for u, he seems to be really into it 😀

  3. I like this but I’m confused, she’s white but expresses herself like a nigerian :s
    And maybe u shud let @yemi johnson write a chapter for u, he seems to be really into it 😀

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