That was the imaginary sound he heard in his head whenever he centralized his butt on the toilet seat. The click sound was produced because his anus was directly pointing to the center of the toilet bowl such that if there was a dart board in the bowl and he poo’ed, the poo wouldn’t miss the centre of the board.

Jergens cream.

The picture.

The cup.

He brought out his penis and had a deep breath. He was not in the mood but he had to. Everything was perfect and would be easier with the picture….her picture.

He gently squeezed out the milky white cream out of the container and into his palm. He rubbed both palms together and gently placed them on his phallus. The contrast of the temperature of his palms against the warmth of his penis, gave him the first vasodilatation…little ‘he’ jerked!

He got the…

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