Emotion (REBLOG)


Crazypinkheart by SheiskinggRayh

hello online diary

if a coin was dropped in my soul right naw… youd just never hear a sound… an empty soul, thats what i am right now, i dunno if its the heartbreak, or the way things are generally are, or if its this pseudo life im living.. buh somehow i feel empty.

i drift through everyday like  wave.. i just continue in high and low frequences to wherever direction it all leads me. i am sort of tired of existence, primariy because of the people i hav encountered in mylife and the mini trials i encounter everyday.

i live in a world where pain and numbness alternate, where i cant remember when last i laughed, am i some how dead?. or am i just hurt beyond what im willing to admit.

id go to God and beg..buh i feel so unworthy, my faith fails me, i cant seem…

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