Random flow

So this is me trying to be all random up in here. Tis not good for a blog to be all empty and forlorn (Will.I.Am Shakewacker)



Still fishing for words……. hang on……..

Almost got something now…………

Damn. Your pretty face distracted me. Yeah you. No not u; you look like a monkey that fell 50 stories n landed on her head…..

*runs as afore mentioned monkey girl starts frothing at the mouth while chasing him with sharp object*

Wheew that was close…..mopol in front of my house saved me in time…..

Where was I? oh yeah you with the lovely eyes….

Dont blush, this is no wash…..

Yeah see what I did there? 😀

You dunno what I did? I rhymed na……

You cant see it……. -____________-


Apostate. You clearly wouldnt recognise talent if it tackled and butt raped you. vamoose


So I just got Mylo Xyloto….yeah i know. *carries last* its nice. Not a Coldplay fan though so it doesnt tickle my balls. I prefer my rock high pitched, screamy (a la Linkin Park of old) and complex (a la metal)


yeah. Im done here. Goodnight


5 responses to “Random flow

  1. 😦 so I left my patients for 15minutes to read this blasted post (TWICE) (-_-) kofo don’t let the devil use u.

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