And then he woke up


He walks in…the scent of vegetable stew wafts gently in the air.”Kai this chick go b fine wife for some lucky bastard some day oh” He muses.  “Hey wats up? I didn’t c u get in. Oya sit down and eat while its still hot.”
“Lemme get some water..”
“No no dnt wori i get it fa u”
“U dont even lemme do anything…Kai I feel spoiled”
“Hahahaaa go jo. Sit down and eat…”


“Are you sure u don’t mind?”
“Haba na…abi is there anything on ur mind?” *mischevious smile*
“U r drunk init?”
“Hahahaha look u can’t sleep on d ground oh.If you catch a cold now I’ll havta explain to ur Mom n all”
“Am I a small boi?”
“Ha u r stil ur mom’s boi na”
*throws pillow* ” if i break ya head eh….”


He wakes up to find she has snuggled in2 his arms. the night had turned cold…..while trying to extract himself,she woke up. Conversation ensured as both of them couldn’t sleep. She talked,he listened….about her recent relationship and how the dude didn’t appreciate her…taking her virginity and breaking up with her after just 10 months of them going out. His excuse? They weren’t compatabile. Her soft skin rubbed against his arms as she snuggled closer….and abruptly started crying.He drew her close and started petting her…..suddenly her lips found his.Hard and furious. His suprise lasted a moment,and he pulled her away to ask what the hell she thought she was doing when she straddled him and her lips found the sweet spot behind his ears…..
The nite was crazy after that…His tshirt flew off quickly.Her silk nightie felt so GOOD on his skin….She moaned softly as he took first left den right nipple in his mouth and flicked his tounge ova them slowly…Den she bucked as his finger sought and found her clit….Flicking back and forth made her wet in seconds…He smiled as her moaning increased and she asked if he wanted to kill her….My dear he thought, your death is still so far away…


he woke first. The memories of last nite still fresh in his memory…..He smiled wen he remembered the face she made as his tounge and fingers worked their magic between her legs. Dang she looked so SEXY curled on his chest,hair all mussed up…she murmured as he shifted,tellin him to go bck to sleep it was too early….then cold reality smacked him in d face…
“get up” He said,an uncreatin look on his face….She looked at him and said “why won’t I like what you are going to say?”
“Of course you won’t like it”he replied,”Seeing as we are cousins,what the hell were we thinking??”


This is inspired by a true story. I would like your thoughts on it.

5 responses to “And then he woke up

  1. Nicely done, I do know of a brother and sister, its crazy..and stuff like this happen, tho our society doesn’t condone us talking about it.

  2. I worry for them seeing as pain drove them to seek solace in the wrongest of places. If they do not end the union quickly, they will be scarred for life. Reality bit at the sight of the word ‘cousins’ cos i was expecting the usual ‘morning after’ chat but that weight is a different direction entirely.

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